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Join the Pollution Party

Pollution Party @ The Life
Our friends with the Pollution Party are busy putting the final touches on their latest installation: Sickle Sweet Swallowings: A Toothsome Tale of Irreparable Indigestion

Come see it this Thursday!

Opening Reception Nov. 1st, 6:30pm – 10:30pm
The Life Gallery, 625 NW Everett St #107, Portland OR

Pollution Party is:
Bettina McEntyre and Rochelle Koivunen

The Dark Knight Skates

Monday Cover 49 - Batman

We have quite the treat for you this week. Our featured Monday Cover skater is none other than the dark knight himself, Batman. No jokers here just a big bag of skate tricks. See some more bat-fun after the turn….

Congratulations Batman!

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Flyouts and Flips

Foto-Friday - October 26, 2007

This week’s foto-friday features a few more pictures from our recent Las Vegas adventure. Thanks again to the Area 702 crew and the Wagon Wheel folks for the hospitality. Check out the high flying antics of Aaron, Alex, Anthony, Christopher, Jason, Keddrick, Kenny, Taylor and Taco after the turn….

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Please Reconsider Rule #3

Tigard Skatepark Guidelines

This is an open appeal to the folks that serve the City of Tigard. Please reconsider rule #3 on the above sign at the Tigard Skatepark(click on the above picture for a detailed view). The rule reads: By entering and remaining in the Skate Park, you voluntarily give consent to have any backpack, bag or other container searched by Tigard Police. There has been a lot of discussion about this rule over the last few days within the local skate community. It’s understandable that the City of Tigard wants a safe environment for skating, biking, etc… and that the intention of this rule is not to violate someone’s civil liberties or discriminate. Why not remove rule #3 from the sign and avoid community protest while preserving an expected code of conduct. On behalf of the civic-minded skate community, EPM Out!

Nukes Detonates at Pier

Monday Cover 48 - Chris Nukala

In addition to triggering every terrorist monitoring web filter with the above title, we present to you Chris “Nukes” Nukala, this week’s Monday Cover skater. If you have skated Pier Park, you know how gnarly it is to get an ollie above the lip on this wall.

Congratulations Chris and keep shreddin’ the gnar.

A Movie but No Popcorn

Zane - Rocking the tunes @ Pier Park

We have a little something extra for you on this Foto-Friday. What is it, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual photos, we also have a video from last week’s Pier Park celebration; music soundtrack supplied by Black Francis. Here are the links to the video sized to match your internet connection speed, so choose wisely:

  • Large for fast connections
  • Medium for not so fast connections
  • Small for the slow but sure folks

Now that you have watched the action in motion, check out some pics of Andy, Chris, Grover, Kevin, MC, Mike, Rocco, Thomas and Xavier after the turn…..

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Tedder’s Square Corner

Tigard Square Corner

The wait is over. Tigard is officially open. Now go get yourself some of that square corner, along with some T-Rex and spinning volcano. See The Doctor of Grover’s Video Korner tame the beast after the turn….

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Ride, Design, Build and Ride

Monday Cover 47 - Mike Swim

What makes a good skatepark? Answer: A person like this week’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim seen here mid-bean to tail at Pier Park. Mike is a member of the Dreamland crew, skatepark desgin/builders extraordinaire. We are lucky to have folks like Mike and the Dreamland crew building our parks here in the Northwest.

Congratulations Mike!

A Toast to Pier Park

Pier Park - Year 1 Banner

It’s official, as of today, Pier Park has been open for a year. Check out Thomas pasting the pipe as part of the one year celebration (Click on the pic for a larger view.)

When Dogs Smile

Smiling Dog @ DRW Bowl

Why is this dog smiling you ask? We’re not sure but it might be that killer backyard bowls make dogs just as happy as humans. This week’s Foto-Friday session comes to you from the DRW Bowl; it’s big, fast and super fun. Check out all the shredding action by Dan, Chad, Eric, Jacob, Joy, Miles, Shawn and MC after the turn….

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