Please Reconsider Rule #3

Tigard Skatepark Guidelines

This is an open appeal to the folks that serve the City of Tigard. Please reconsider rule #3 on the above sign at the Tigard Skatepark(click on the above picture for a detailed view). The rule reads: By entering and remaining in the Skate Park, you voluntarily give consent to have any backpack, bag or other container searched by Tigard Police. There has been a lot of discussion about this rule over the last few days within the local skate community. It’s understandable that the City of Tigard wants a safe environment for skating, biking, etc… and that the intention of this rule is not to violate someone’s civil liberties or discriminate. Why not remove rule #3 from the sign and avoid community protest while preserving an expected code of conduct. On behalf of the civic-minded skate community, EPM Out!

14 Responses to “Please Reconsider Rule #3”

  • Thank God some one is taking an interest in the youth,and trying to keep a bad element out of our skateparks. Let the scum ride Bunside, drop out losers!

  • I guess no ones has commented on your comment cause we know it’s fake. But if you are serious tell that to me in my face . You don’t even know that the person in charge of building Tigard is part of the Burnside family. So bend over and cough next time you get falsely accused of something and get your rights violated. Down on your knees buddy and beg! Beg for forgiveness before we find you.

  • Weedmeister is right he knows a lot.

  • Well, this has clearly generated a lot of comments. Hey “Weedmeister” dude, yeah go on and skate at Tigard ONLY. Have fun having your backpack — er, sorry, fannypack — searched. Don’t bother with Burnside, the scum there would not like you anyway. Wouldn’t be a good idea. Also, please get a MedicAlert bracelet because you’ll need it next summer when you are having heatstroke-induced convulsions due to lack of proper hydration because you can’t bring a freaking bottle of water into your beloved Tigard Skatepark. Blade on, non-scum guy.


  • The Tigard police are a bunch of fascist pigs. And so is their corrupt city council. F*#$ Tigard, I’ll never skate there.

  • They are not saying you CAN’T bring a bag with snacks and water ect…. you CAN!!! If you don’t have anything illegal you have nothing to worry about!!! I fail to see what the big deal is!!! just leave your drugs,booze, weed at home.

    It would also be nice if fellow skaters could have a little respect for the park and the people that use it. I went to the park on Monday the parking lot was FULL of trash. I also see people hanging in the parking lot, skating/biking between cars. I have even watched people loose thier board and and smack someones car. Just be respectfull of the park and the people who use it. PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!

  • Based on guideline/rule #6, you can’t bring snacks(food) and/or water(beverage) into the park.

  • O_MY_GOD you mean you have to walk a whole 20ft to the parking lot or your car to take a break and drink some water or eat a snack…I mean there is so much room in the skate park itself…….the City should put in some picknick tables…..oooooo-ooooo or how about a gazibo with a picknick table. gimme a break!!!!……it seems like this is what people are doing anyway based on all the trash that is dumped in the parking lot. “build a really cool skate park and they will whine”

  • I was at all of the council meetings supporting the construction of this park…all I heard was “skaters can police themselfs” “there will be no trash, loitering or disruption”

    What happened…the park has only been open 2 weeks???

  • It would be interesting to know if the random search rule is in place at ALL Tigard parks or just the skate park.

    Does the proximity to the police station make everyday backpacks more suspicious (similar to the way hand lotion is considered a deadly weapon in airports)? I think that rule is total overkill — but I do agree: Pick up your trash please.

  • I don’t care about the backpack thing. but what up with those dam mountain bikes in a skate park ? They’re hard on concrete and they cut skaters off put them in the dirt were they belong

  • Rich, can I get the full high-res version of this photo to illustrate an article? Photo credit of course.

  • WOW no water ? ,no snacks ??/can you ride a skateboard there or is it like goodyear az ? where they yell at children ? and don’t have brooms .maybe if the park moniters skated like the 80s ,when we ran our own parks. kids would’nt come there to pick up skaters and give skateboarding a bad name ???hey lets start searching people who go to nfl games or nba should have an area to get a cavity search done ohh yea ….

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