Flyouts and Flips

Foto-Friday - October 26, 2007

This week’s foto-friday features a few more pictures from our recent Las Vegas adventure. Thanks again to the Area 702 crew and the Wagon Wheel folks for the hospitality. Check out the high flying antics of Aaron, Alex, Anthony, Christopher, Jason, Keddrick, Kenny, Taylor and Taco after the turn….

Click on the pics for a larger view

Alex - Flyout @ Pro Park

Alex tweaking a flyout

Aaron - Nose-Tail Grab Flyout @ Pro Park

Aaron releasing a nose/tail grab flyout

Anthony - Boned Mute @ Pro Park

Anthony bones a mute over a big hubba

Jason - Stalefish-360 Flyout @ Pro Park

Jason with a stalefish-360 flyout

Keddrick - Stalefish Flyout @ Pro Park

Keddrick has some stale style as well

Kenny - BS Air @ Pro Park

Kenny floats a backside air over the channel

Christopher - FS Channel Air @ Pro Park

Christopher goes frontside over the channel

Taco - FS Flyout @ Pro Park

Taco boosting into the stratosphere

Taylor - Tuck-knee FS Air @ Pro Park

Taylor tucks it with style

Alex - FS Air @ Pro Park

Alex floating a frontside air in the deep

Kenny - Backflip @ Pro Park

Kenny looking for his landing as he comes out of a backflip

Jason - FS Channel Air @ Pro Park

Jason over the channel and beyond

Keddrick - Tuck-knee Flyout @ Pro Park

Keddrick releasing tuck-knee

Anthony - Andrecht @ Pro Park

Anthony working on his Andrechts

Kenny - No Foot Benihana Flyout @ Pro Park

Kenny with a no-foot benihana like flyout

4 Responses to “Flyouts and Flips”

  • Sic pics. My little brother has some steez on that stalefish. Jason is too good, what else can I say about him. Anthony is just plain crazy.

    T’s for taking time with 702!!!


  • The pictures of my skate team that Rich took I simply just can’t leave a reply. I can only speak from my heart and my wife’s fingers, he is one of the most genuine people I have met. We all should know that skateboarding is about the people who do it for the love of skateboarding not for the financial gain that seems to come with it these days. My kids are all about the love of skateboarding. We have been in many articles and debates. Rich’s pictures of that night speak louder about who we are then what we do then anything in the past.
    With respect.
    Tim and the entire Area 702 Kreu

  • I want to say that Tim from 702 has done more for skateboarding in Las Vegas than anyone we know. They are a great bunch of guys and we are glad to say they they are our friends. Doesn’t matter that we live across the city, skateboarding will always bring us together.
    Mario and Antonio Moya

  • thanks rich the pictures are so so sick.thanks for coming to vegas and taking pictures of us

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