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Très Chaud!

Pravda on YouTube Tuesday

As of late, it seems we have been dining on a regular diet of bands with French roots: Prototypes, Yelle, Stereo Total and Stereolab. As an addition to this list, we offer you this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artist, Pravda. Named after the now defunct Soviet Union’s leading newspaper, Pravda is one of our new favorite bands. Never thought anyone could improve on Wendy O. Williams’ use of electric tape until now. Check out all the music after the turn.

Photo: J.B. Mondino; Thanks to GVK for the tip.

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Blips and Bleeps

Stereo Total Setup YTT Sept. 11, 2007

Last Thursday at the Wonder Ballroom, Fast Computers, Octopus Project and Stereo Total played to an appreciative crowd. So for this YouTube Tuesday, we would like to expand that crowd to include you. The Octopus Project’s theramin player has some of the best Betty Rubble hair we have ever seen. How does she do that? Stereo Total put on a good show and inviting the audience up on stage to dance with them during their last few numbers was a nice touch. Enjoy some photos from the show along with a few video selections after the turn….. EPM (blip-bleep) Out!

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Crown Jewels

Portland Skate Park Crown Jewel - Pier Park

Forget the busiest shopping day of the year, it seemed folks decided to head to the skate parks instead. The parks were packed with all sorts of round wheel enthusiasts the day after Thanksgiving. How do we know? Well we went to all five of the, soon-to-be nineteen, Portland skate parks.

With MC at the wheel, and yours truly in the navigator seat, we managed to skate Glenhaven, Ed Benedict, Gabriel Park, Holly Farm and Pier Park. Total elapsed time, approximately four hours plus an hour-or-so for post session brews. Check out a larger version of the image above along with some 3D cross-eyed stereo pairs of Pier Park, our last and favorite stop on the mini-tour.

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