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Yelle and Eagles of Death Metal

It’s time, once again, for YouTube Tuesday featuring two bands that are playing shows in our fine city this week. Tomorrow night, Oct. 29th, you can check out Yelle at Berbati’s and on Friday night, Oct. 31st, Eagles of Death Metal at the Wonder Ballroom. Check out all the videos after the turn.

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Hip Beats

80's Video Echos - YouTube Tuesday for December 22, 2009

The 80’s are still going strong along with 60’s overtones. This week’s featured YouTube Tuesday artists include Yelle, Amanda Blank, The Plasticines, Ida Corr and Lissy Trullie. It seems the early MTV era style music video is making a comeback. Check out all the hip beats after the turn. EPM “likes you better baby” Out!

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Très Chaud!

Pravda on YouTube Tuesday

As of late, it seems we have been dining on a regular diet of bands with French roots: Prototypes, Yelle, Stereo Total and Stereolab. As an addition to this list, we offer you this week’s YouTube Tuesday featured artist, Pravda. Named after the now defunct Soviet Union’s leading newspaper, Pravda is one of our new favorite bands. Never thought anyone could improve on Wendy O. Williams’ use of electric tape until now. Check out all the music after the turn.

Photo: J.B. Mondino; Thanks to GVK for the tip.

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Five Bands, Four Countries, ….

YouTube Tuesday Jan. 8, 2008 - Dance Punk

For this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we patrolled the earth for a different sound and came upon some dance punk. Yep, that’s the recent term for a wide range of electronic dominate music. So without further delay, come along with us as we sample five bands in four countries: Shy Child – United States, Yelle – France, The Presets – Australia, Hot Chip – England, and back to the USA with Ghostland Observatory.

Electro-skank your way around the planet after the turn….

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