Sweet Onion Hip Lip

Monda Cover Vol. 4 Issue 5 - Ryan Lutz

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Ryan Lutz, stands one up on the lip of the onion hip at Walla Walla. Currently in his sophomore year at Whitman College, Ryan has at least a few more years of shredding one of the best bowls anywhere. Once you ride it, you’ll know what we mean. Check out a few more pics of Ryan after the turn.

Congratulations Ryan!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Ryan Lutz - Standing one up on the hip @ Walla Wall

Another look at that hip grind

Ryan Lutz - Airwalk to tail @ Walla Walla

Airwalk to tail

Ryan Lutz - FS Tail @ Walla Walla

Frontside Tail

Ryan Lutz - Madonna @ Walla Walla


Ryan Lutz - Airwalk in ambient light @ Walla Walla

Airwalk in ambient light

Ryan Lutz - Standup Grind Hip Lip @ Walla Walla

Full frame of cover shot

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