An Evening with Black Francis

Francis Black - Band

So who is Black Francis? Well, replace Francis with Frank, switch the order of the words and think The Pixies. If you still don’t know, that’s O.K. just think of this as an educational experience. Black Francis played the Doug Fir Lounge on Monday and Tuesday of this past week. If you have been to the Doug Fir, you know how good of place it is to see a band; keep it like a secret. All we can say is the show was great and it made us want to buy the new album titled Bluefinger. Check out some pics of the show after the turn….

EPM in Tight Black Rubber Out!

Francis Black - Monolog @ Doug Fir

The set opened with an acoustic selection of Pixies’ tunes

Francis Black - Sings @ Doug Fir

He replaced his acoustic guitar with an electric one and added …

Francis Black - Bassist @ Doug Fir

a bass player …

Francis Black - Drummer @ Doug Fir

and a drummer to continue the show (Is that Benji Galloway?)

Francis Black - Frank and drummer @ Doug Fir

Frank and the drummer rocking out

Francis Black - Singer @ Doug Fir

A few songs into the electrified portion of the show, another singer, Violet Clarke, joined the band

Francis Black - Guitar @ Doug Fir

Frank and the band rocked some more

Francis Black - Harmonica @ Doug Fir

Harmonica in mouth, Frank in classic form

Francis Black - Set List @ Doug Fir

Here’s the set list along with Frank’s foot

Thanks to Black Francis for a great evening of entertainment.

3 Responses to “An Evening with Black Francis”

  • damn it, sucks that I missed that show. Thanks for the photos.
    Pixies rules.

  • Nice shots Rich. I was just watching a Pixies concert on the tube last night. On a slightly related note (bald, hefty, intense former frontmen of hard, quirky, sometimes disturbing, but melodic seminal 80’s, blah, blah, blah), Bob Mould is coming up on the 14th. He puts on a real good show as well, and it’s at the Doug Fir. Bonus.

  • who was the band that opened for that show?

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