Steel Bridge Skatepark Renderings

Steel Bridge Skatepark, Portland, Oregon - Renderings courtesy of DAO Architecture

Well it seems that the Steel Bridge Skaterpark project has advanced at least to the “eye-candy” phase. The folks over at DAO Architecture have a nice set of renderings of the park for your review. Be sure to check them out here. EPM “5 down 14 to go” Out!

Thanks to Bill and K.C. for the tip.

5 Responses to “Steel Bridge Skatepark Renderings”

  • It looks, uh, beautiful, but it would be really, really nice (and money better spent, if there’s ever enough money…) if the “roof” was a functional rain cover an not ornamental or just there to capture water for the plants. Shade in the summer is nice and all, but rain is the real enemy.

  • are they just putting the mesh roof to mess with us? do they know how much it rains here. jeez, i will just go weld metal on top of those if they do that or tape up some tarp. waste of money. Please DOA make IT function not just fluff you Industrial design egos. Just for Kicks tho the Low-Poly aesthetic is played out.

  • Fully functional rain cover.

  • Steel Bridge is not for skaters it is for the city types to talk about and parade around. It is intended for headlines and the media and to look pretty when visitors drive by it on the freeway. Who wants to skate in a fishbowl while d*ckheads from the Pearl munch on sushi and watch you eat shit. Who even lives in that neighborhood? It would cost MILLIONS and we could probably build the rest of that skateparks in the system with that. First the city spends most of our skatepark money planning for a skatepark system they have no intention of finishing (unless skaters bitch and persist.) Now they are spending thousands on planning a hypothetical skatepark? How about spending that hypothetical money on fixing the parks we have or putting a roof over something. Vert Ramp???

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