Same Song – Different Band

Jay Reatard, David Bowie, Beck, Lords of the New Church, and Sonny Curtis and the Crickets on Earth Patrol

It’s time for some musical comparative analysis on this week’s YouTube Tuesday by way of bands that cover other artists songs. In some cases, the cover is more widely known than the original. Check out originals by Lords of the New Church, Jay Reatard, Beck, David Bowie as well as Sonny Curtis and the Crickets after the turn. EPM “who fought the law and who won?” Out!

Original: Jay Reatard – Oh, It’s Such a Shame

Cover: Deerhunter – Oh, It’s Such a Shame

Original: Lords of the New Church – Dance with Me

Cover: Nouvelle Vague – Dance with Me

Original: Beck – Gamma Ray

Cover: Jay Reatard – Gamma Ray

Original: David Bowie – Life on Mars

Cover: Seu Jorge – Life on Mars

Original: Sonny Curtis and the Crickets – I Fought the Law

Cover: The Clash – I Fought the Law

2 Responses to “Same Song – Different Band”

  • Hi people from Oregon, I used to visit Earthpatrol everyday when I got the office. I discover the site at the google while searching for skateboard videos, it was more than one year ago, since then I’m adicted to the site. I’m typing form Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil. Today I decided to leave a message because of Seu Jorge’s song, I’m a huge fan of him as I am of Bowie, Beck and The Clash. That’s it, keep the great the job you are doing there, see ya!

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