Randy Katen Pocket Pistol 2.0

Randy Katen Model by Pocket Pistol Skates - 33"x9"

There’s a new board in town and it’s lookin’ for trouble. What kind of trouble? Well, the “shred your face off” kind of trouble. It’s the latest Randy Katen signature model courtesy of Pocket Pistol Skates. So if’n you’re lookin’ to wrangle with some coping, RK’s PPS stick is just the thing to have in your skate holster. Check out more photos, board dimensions and ordering info after the turn. EPM “high plains drifting” Out!

Gallery: Randy Katen Model – Pocket Pistol Skates

Dimensions: 33″ Long, 8 5/8″ Wide, 15 1/2″ Wheelbase

Order: Direct from Pocket Pistol Skates by contacting susan@screamininc.com or SoCal Skates.

In the words of RK: … a new nose and tail, it’s a true pool/park killer.

2 Responses to “Randy Katen Pocket Pistol 2.0”

  • That PPS Katen deck sure looks SWEET!!! What kind of kneepads is he rolling? look like souped up Fatboys? or something..

  • This is an awesome deck, I got one from RK himself. US made, great concave, super well built perfect dimensions for bowl skating.

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