Calling John Rambo

Monday Cover Vol. 2 Issue 45 - Chip Treadwell

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Chip Treadwell, draws his first blood at Gabriel Park. Chip has some mad skills including this ollie over the curb bank. Check out some more action shots of Chip along with his guest lurker after the turn.

Congratulations Chip!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Chip - Ollie Hip @ Gabriel Park

Hip ollie. Who’s that speed walker?

Chip - Flowing @ Gabriel Park

Flowing the park

Chip - FS Air Hip @ Gabriel Park

Old school over the hip closely followed by ancient school

Chip - FS Ollie @ Gabriel Park

Boostin’ an ollie

Hip Scape @ Gabriel Park

Hip scape

Chip - Ollie Curb @ Gabriel Park

Full-frame of cover

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