Skate the Strip

Rooftop Plaza @ Las Vegas

Take a good like at these roof tops. Anyone see the forms of a skate plaza? Possibly a big three, escalator rail, pyrimids and hubbas. At least that’s what we saw when we looked out of our hotel room each morning (Click on the pic for a closer inspection.) After the turn, check out a few other places along the strip in Las Vegas that we thought would be fun to skate.

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Bally’s Casino Plaza @ Las Vegas

This is the plaza in front of Bally’s Casino. See anything interesting?

Mirage Casino Hallway @ Las Vegas

Here’s a hallway in the Mirage Casino that ended in a quarter-pipe with mirror cut outs of The Beatles. Has anyone skated this?

Tiger, Sig, Roy Heads @ Las Vegas

Finally, Tigard has a T-Rex while Las Vegas has Tigers accompanied by Siegfried and Roy. These things were huge.

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