Mid-Centenarian Skate Punks Rule

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 4 - Randy Katen

That’s a mouth full as well as a little word play on the Generation X song “One Hundred Punks Rule.” It’s all tied together by this week’s Monday Cover skater, Randy Katen. In addition to commanding the lip with super styling frontside snap-back grinds, Randy commands the punk airwaves in Missoula with his biweekly show Generation X on KGBA, University of Montana Radio. So how does mid-centenarian relate to all of this? Well, Randy celebrates his 50th birthday in t-minus 8 days. Check out more pics of an original N-Man after the turn.

Congratulations Randy and here’s to another 50 years of shredding!

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Randy Katen - FS Grind @ Butte

Care to guess how many coping blocks have crossed paths with Randy’s frontside grinds?

Randy Katen - BS Double Trucker @ Bass Bowl

Double trucker at sunset

Randy Katen - FS Grind @ Bass Bowl

Frontside grind at the Bass Bowl

Wally and Randy - Doubles in the Shallow @ Butte

Wally chasing Randy in the shallow

Randy and Wally - Doubles in the Deep @ Butte

Randy and Wally collecting carve style points in the deep

Randy Katen - FS Snapback Grind @ Butte

Full frame of cover shot

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