K.C. Goes to California

K.C. Grinds BSSS Post-California Trip

Our favorite Northwest SCUM rep., K.C., captured some video of his recent trip to warmer skate climes in California and was kind enough to share it with the rest of us. Check out K.C., Bill, Keith, Alex Perelson, PLG, and Peter Hewitt, to name a few, as they shred it up after the turn. EPM “kill, kill, kill, kill, kill the pool” Out!

K.C.’s California Trip: Part 1 – San Jose Skatepark, Washington Street skatepark, Oceanside skateparks, Memorial Skatepark and Encinitas skatepark. PLG and Alex Perelson were slaying the vert ramp.

K.C.’s California Trip: Part 2 – Clips include Carmel valley skatepark in San Diego county, Snatch DIY secret spot. Scum skates shop, Billy Runaways vintage skateboard magazine collection, Palmdale pool project, Peter Hewitt, and a tour of the new Mt. Shasta skatepark.

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