Putting It Bluntly

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 29 - Taylor Johnson

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Taylor Johnson, gets a bit blunt with MC’s bowl, blunt-to-fakie to be exact. Springy legs are a must for the tight tranny on that face wall. Check out a few more pics of Taylor finding his way about the bowl after the turn.

Congratulations Taylor!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Taylor Johnson - Blunt to Fake (straight on view) @ MC's Bowl

Straight on shot of Taylor’s blunt

Taylor Johnsone - FS Disaster @ MC's Bowl

Frontside disaster in the deep

Taylor Johnson - Blunt to Fakie @ MC's Bow

Another blunt for the fans

Taylor Johnson - Andrecht @ MC's Bowl

Stretching out on the Andrecht re-entry

Taylor Johnson - Blunt to Fakie @ MC's Bowl (full frame cover)

Full frame of the cover shot

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