British Leads to Swedish Pop

The Who, The Spotnicks, The Hives and Randy - YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol

While searching for some early British Pop video clips, including The Who, we stumbled upon the Swedish band, The Spotnicks. How could we resist a band that dresses up in floppy space suits while playing surf inspired tunes? On this week’s edition of YouTube Tuesday, check out The Who and The Spotnicks along with two modern Swedish bands that we think you will enjoy as well, The Hives and Randy. EPM “Walk Idiot Walk” Out!

The Who – I Can’t Explain

The Who – Bald Headed Woman

The Spotnicks – The Rocket Man

The Spotnicks – The Last Space Train

The Hives – AKA I-D-I-O-T

The Hives – Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones

Randy – Man in a Uniform

Randy – Razorblade

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