Keeper of the Skate

Bryce Kanights - Skate Monk

If ever there was a “skate monk”, Bryce Kanights is one of the few folks fitting of the title. A true lifer with respect to skating along with one of the keepers of its history and future, see Skate Daily. Check out a few snaps of Bryce in the moment after the turn. EPM “channeling A Canticle for Leibowitz” Out!

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Bryce Kanights - Rock-n-Roll @ MC’s Bowl

Styling rock-n-roll pre-coping at MC’s bowl

Bryce Kanights - In the Deep @ MC’s Bowl

Look of contentment while seeking lines in MC’s bowl

Bryce Kanights - Resting on Photo Bag @ MC’s Bowl

Relaxing a bit after shooting some photos at Pier Park. P.S. Thanks for the heads-up.

3 Responses to “Keeper of the Skate”

  • Is BK the Imelda Marcos of skateboarding? Seems he’s always got a new/different pair of shoes on, LOL j/k

    I’ve known Bryce for going on 30 years. Definitely a good dude, and yes, a true lifer.

  • I can’t believe he pulled off that rock and roll, check out the tight tolerances between the wheel and the stake.

  • Mark when are you gonna let me come skate the bowl?
    I know i didnt help at all i never had any time to even offer…

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