Darker Days

Foto-Friday for Nov. 30, 2007

With the days growing ever shorter, a set of good lights are always helpful to keep the session going. On this Foto-Friday, we bring you another mini-session at MC’s skate compound. Check out Dave, Colin, Melissa, Phil, Randy and MC after the turn….

Click on the images for a larger view.

Dave - FS Ollie @ MC Mini

Dave – Frontside Ollie

Melissa - Blunt Disaster to Fakie

Melissa – Blunt Disaster to Fakie

MC - FS 50-50 @ MC Mini

MC – Frontside 50-50

Dave - FS Rock @ MC Mini

Dave – Frontside Rock-n-Roll

Colin - FS Ollie @ MC Mini

Colin – Frontside Ollie

Randy - Allie-oop 50-50 @ MC Mini

Randy – Allie-oop 50-50 @ MC Mini

Phil - Backside 50-50 @ MC Mini

Phil – Backside 50-50

Dave - FS Boneless Re-Entry @ MC Mini

Dave – Frontside Boneless Re-Entry @ MC Mini

Randy - FS Ollie @ MC Mini

Randy – Frontside Ollie

MC - BS Kick @ MC Mini

MC – Making the Mini look Big

Dave - FS Rnr while Colin Dorks @ MC Mini

Dave and Colin – Dorkin’ @ MC Mini

3 Responses to “Darker Days”

  • Shorts and a t-shirt. Those were the days…

    The first shot of Dave makes him look demonic. It’s a good one. Then the next shot of Dave (frontside rock) followed by the shot of Colin – so weird, they look like twin brothers in some weird claymation movie. Fun shots.

  • is mc rollin a popsicle stick in these shots? can you do a kickflip?

  • I thought the mini at Mark’s was gone?

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