Alphabet of Sound

YouTube Tuesday for July 1, 2008

Just for you, a list of bands from A-H on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. If you skated in the 80’s and 90’s, chances are you will recognize some of these songs and the bands that played them. See all the sights and sounds after the turn. So who would you have picked for your A-H list? Stay tuned next week as we continue with bands I-Q.

A is for The Adolescents – Amoeba

B is for Black Flag – Rise Above & American Waste

C is for Circle Jerks – Beverly Hills & Wasted

D is for Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia

E is for The Exploited – Dead Cities

F is for Fugazi – Waiting Room

G is for Gang Green – We’ll Give It to You

H is for Husker Du – Could You Be The One?

9 Responses to “Alphabet of Sound”

  • Pretty Much nailed it on the head, I would have went GBH for G, and makes no sense at all from the flip your wig album for Husker du. Good picks!!

  • Nice post! Quick name a punk outfit whose name begins with Z.

  • Waiting room is one of my all time favorite songs…i guess you were supposed to “dance” at that show as to not appear jockish.

    I saw Fugazi play at the University of Hawaii around ’91. They tried to convince the local kids to “dance” but no one got it. One of the gnarliest crowds and the band seemed kinda bummed.

  • crumbsuckers would have been a good C. damm music sucks now.

  • My friends band used to play a cover of Dead Cities, the song brings me back to the Paris Theater, before it was converted back to a porn theater…

  • Love Fugazi, we play “merchandise” for warm up every morning at practice… followed by “Pretty Vacant” and “Life Sentence”. I would have had to go “Agent Orange” for “A” “Bad Brains” for “B”… C… hmmm There are probably a hundred bands that start with “Dead” maybe I would switch DK up with “The Dead Milkmen” just cuz I am feeling less political today. lol

  • I skipped C… got distracted

  • Good list. Definitely can’t argue with Adolescents or DK, but my skate punk grom days skewed more heavily towards Agent Orange, the Adicts and the Damned. Not entirely sure why British punk was so prominent, but it was. Maybe because “Never Mind the Bollocks” got us started in the 6th grade on the punk thing, so maybe we mined British stuff more heavily. I don’t know.

    Since I’m from AZ, I’ll offer in advance that M could go lots of places like Minor Threat, Metallica, etc. but the Meat Puppets own that slot. Just like JFA owns the J slot. Both bands had pronounced impacts on the scene. JFA speaks for itself, but “Puppets” and “$5.98” were staples of the backyard pit and ramp scenes.

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