Pop Music Remnants

YouTube Tuesday for May 29, 2007

Growing up in a house with older siblings that had an interest in music has its perks. It meant that they usually left their music behind when they moved away from home. So for this YouTube Tuesday, we present to you a sample of some of those bands. There are some real gems here. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Pop Music Remnants”

  • “Let Me” is a sick title. Fleshtones eat your heart out!

  • Ventures – the way they are set up on stage is very boss. I don’t know if it would have sounded good at the venue, but it sure looks sharp. Too bad there is no info on the footage, must have been a concert shot on film, I wonder what-when-why? The drummer is a machine. His hands never rise above his chest but he’s banging out some powerful beats. Great clips.

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