Back in the Mix

Grover - Back in the Mix

He’s back. It’s been six weeks since Grover broke his shoulder at Lincoln City and it seems to be healed. So what does one do while they are on the mend? The answer to that question and more after the turn. Welcome back Big Baby.

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Community Work

Grover taking some time to share the ins-and-outs of owning your own skateboard company with technical school students.

Grover - Ghetto Mechanic

Captivating would-be skateboard builders

Grover - Ghetto Mechanic

Sharing the nuances of construction techniques

Grover - Ghetto Mechanic

Posing with a deck mold built by the students

Physical Therapy

Grover and Jack taking some time in the pool to improve strength and flexibility before heading to skate.

Grover - Pool

Shoulder flexibility testing

Grover - Pool

Butt concussion testing

Grove and Jack - Hot Tub

Good as new – Super Grover and Jacko

Back on the Horse

Grover begins the task of reclaiming pre-shoulder injury moves. Look for Grover to possibly make an appearance during this year’s Trifecta, most likely the Battle Ground stop of the event.

Grover - Rock-n-Roll Hip @ Battle Ground

Rock-n-Roll – Check

Grover - BS Air @ Battle Ground

Backside Air – Check

Grover - Invert @ Battle Ground

Invert – Check

Grover - Madonna @ Battle Ground

Madonna – Check

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