Pop Up

Rezillos, Revillos, Soviettes and Priscillas on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

Spring is just around the corner and just like the flowers popping up all about the Northwest, we’re “popping up” this week’s YouTube Tuesday as well. Check out the Rezillos, the Revillos, the Soviettes, and the Priscillas after the turn. EPM “pogo-ing into Spring” Out!

The Rezillos – Top of the Pops

The Rezillos – Destination Venus

The Revillos – Where’s the Boy for Me

The Revillos – Scuba Scuba

The Soviettes – #1 is Number Two

The Soviettes – Mulitply and Divide

The Soviettes – Live at the Triple Rock Social Club

The Priscillas – All My Friends are Zombies

The Priscillas – Gonna Rip Up Your Photographs

The Priscillas – (All the Way To) Holloway

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