Rickety Old Guy


If you missed MC’s spot on KPTV this Sunday, no worries. You can watch it at your leisure at the following link:

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  • What a great citizen and a friend and skater thank you mark.

  • I enjoyed the piece, although I felt I was given way too much credit.

    My fellow Skaters for Portland Skateparks board members and volunteers (Sarah Burgess, Tom Miller and Sonny Robertson and others) contributed as much if not more than I. The creative Northwest skatepark designers and builders are responsible for the world skatepark resurgence and we owe them a lot. Sponsors including the City of Portland, Nike, The Tony Hawk Foundation and many other citizens and businesses contributed financial support to the skatepark effort. I am happy to have been able to help with a little fundraising, design and building along the way.

    Additionally, while I like to think I was an early carrier of the Southern California vert skateboarding influence to the Portland area, many friends and acquaintances were skating and building ramps when I got here in 1977.

  • i was going to say some negative shit but……..shit dude.. you rip…thanks man

  • That is a nicely done piece. You deserve the props, man. And it still makes me feel good to know that there’s always someone (slightly) older than me out there!

  • Mark is one of the raddest and nicest guys out skating. That was a good piece.

  • “This just in… forty is no longer the new thirty… That’s right folks… FIFTY is now the NEW thirty!” You guys have a great group up there. The attitude and the vibe… it’s right on. Thanks for posting the link Rich.

  • Being a 38 year old rider myself, I will vouch that almost 40 is the new 25 baby !!!!

    I want to join HOMOS Mark !!! Sign me up……we need shirts !

  • the dude holding the mic looks like melissa dafnos….haahahahahahahahahaha

  • Typical news that takes a little of info and blows it out of proportion without proper research. Im glad conahan posted that little blurb about other people that have helped the scene in portland, it shows his character. Sick handplant that the majority of people watching the news couldn’t even comprehend

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