Same Song – Different Band Again

YouTube Tuesday for June 17, 2008

You might recall the first time we did this on YouTube Tuesday. Well, it’s time yet again for another set of covers by bands that matter. Check out Nirvana, The Dead Boys, The Clash and The Dickies on this week’s installment of YouTube Tuesday.

Nirvana – Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Dead Boys – Search & Destroy (Iggy and the Stooges Cover)

The Clash – I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis and the Crickets)

The Dickies – Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues Cover)

3 Responses to “Same Song – Different Band Again”

  • The only time I remotely liked Nirvana was when they were covering The Vaselines- who are an awesome band, come’ on!

  • Oh right, it’s uncool to like Nirvana… We’ll I’ll cop to liking them a lot. Great band. That video is a great find too, playing for 5 people in Chris’ mom’s house. Humble beginnings. I thought I read that Kurt used to be one of those guys who played back to the audience out of stage fright or shyness or whatever. I wonder if that’s what he’s doing there, or maybe he’s just reading the words off the wall.

    When I got to college I learned that the the Lords of the New Church had played there at a small club the year previously and Stiv had sort of accidentally hung gone too far on stage while pretending to hang himself with the microphone cord, I guess he had some trouble getting it loose. Always bummed that I missed that show. The other great show that everyone talked about from the same year was SNFU.

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