Same Song – Different Band

Rolling Stones (top) - Devo (bottom)

It’s time once again for YouTube Tuesday. This week’s theme centers on bands and the songs that bind them. The first artist listed for each song is credited with orginally recording the song while the second artist gained recognition for their rendition of the song. Note that David Bowie actually wrote All the Young Dudes for Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople but didn’t record it first. Check them out and if you have any others you would like to share, please do. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Same Song – Different Band”

  • I think the Bauhaus cover of Ziggy Stardust is super good. Especially in light of the fact that they did it because they were getting crap that they were ripping off Bowie. So they did that one. Of course I dig Bauhaus. G n R….. not so much.

  • Always wanted to do a cover mixtape.
    Rock and Roll Nigger – PattySmith/Marilyn Manson
    Satisfaction – Rolling Stones/Devo
    Hocus Pocus – Focus/Vandals (just learned about the Vandals version)
    Head Like a Hole NIN/Devo
    12XU Wire/Minor Threat…
    the list goes on.

  • Communication Breakdown- Led Zeppelin / DOA
    Wild Thing- Troggs / bazillion other bands/ kick ass version by X
    Pills- Bo Diddley / New York Dolls
    Substitute- The Who / The Sex Pistols
    Puss n Boots- New York Dolls / Redd Kross
    Sonic Reducer- The Dead Boys / Pearl Jam
    Death or Glory- The Clash / Social Distortion

    Best Covers Album (IMO)- “Teen Babes from Monsanto” by Redd Kross

    On a personal note I’ve always hoped for a proper cover of The New York Dolls “Frankenstein”. Something like a 10 minute wall of sound featuring Greg Sage or Chris Newman.

  • “Hazy shade of winter”

    How about “Little Wing” Originally recorded by Hendrix but redone by Stevie Ray Vaughn

    “Kick out the Jams” Done by the MC5 and the Presidents of the United States of America

    “10,000 Light Years from Home” was done by the Stones and then redone by Seattle psychedelic band “Sky Cries Mary”

  • Another Stones tune was the “Free” song that Jesus Jones tried to bank their careers on.

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