Motivational Decks

Grover and Emy @ Battle Ground

Steve Grover, co-owner of Cold War Skateboards, is one of skateboarding’s goodwill ambassadors. During a recent session at Battle Ground, Steve met local skater, Emy, working on his axle stalls in the 12′ bowl. It’s rare these days to see a young skater pushing themselves in the deep. Steve was so stoked he made a deal with Emy: make three, back-to-back, axle stalls in a single run and the prize is a new deck. Well, long-story-short, Emy is sporting a brand new Cold War deck. See larger versions of the above photos after the turn….

Click on the images for a larger view.

Emy - Axle Stall @ Battle Ground

Emy fine tuning his axle stall technique

Grover - Roast Beef @ Battle Ground

Grover boosting a roast beef

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