Posters, Buttons and Thongs

Earth Patrol Posters, Buttons and Thongs
You asked for it and we listened. So in answer to the following three reader questions:

  1. Can I get a poster of a Monday Cover or other photo that appears on Earth Patrol?
  2. Do you have any Earth Patrol buttons for my punk revival jacket?
  3. Any chance of getting an Earth Patrol logo thong?

… the answer is a resounding YES! Get all the details after the turn.

Let us know what image or images you would like as a poster and we will make them available for purchase through our …

Great for building your self-esteem.

Buy a single button or a pack of 10 Earth Patrol buttons through our …

Sure to be a hit at any punk rock show.

For the skateboarding thong lover in your life, get your very own Earth Patrol Thong through our …

Send a message to the world when that pesky photographer snaps another butt shot.

All these items are also available on our Merch page along with our t-shirts and stickers. EPM out!

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