Jeff and Bill Went West

Jeff and Bill Went West

If you skated in northwest Indiana in the late 70’s, chances are you skated the Levee Plaza Skatepark in West Lafayette, IN. Some of the locals included Eliott Tubbis, Mark Kenagi, Greg Hall, Chris Lee, Ben Shipman, Dano Kildsig, Rich Burton, Dave Lank, Jeff Isbell and Bill Bailey. The skatepark was our own little melting pot where we spent sweltering summer days rolling around the sun bleached bowls and snake runs. We came together to skate and escape the doldrums of the Midwest.

It seems the skatepark was a launch pad of sorts, as it was the first step to escaping the grips of the Midwest. Along with skating, there was a strong connection to music and most, if not all, of the names listed above began to play music in bands. Jeff and Bill eventually punted on the midwest and took their musical aspirations to Los Angeles. What became of them? Well, it seems Jeff took the stage name Izzy and Bill changed his name to Axl on their way to establishing the band Guns-n-Roses. So without further delay, here’s your YouTube Tuesday featuring some dudes that were a part of the Levee Plaza skate crew.

Welcome to the Jungle

Paradise City

Sweet Child O’Mine


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