Face Painters

YouTube Tuesday on Earth Patrol - Face Painters

Well, it’s time once again for YouTube Tuesday here on Earth Patrol and this week’s theme is ‘Face Painters.’ What kid didn’t want to look like Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley in the early 70’s? Check out a few bands that might have snagged a Cover Girl endorsement after the turn.

Alice Cooper – Schools Out

David Bowie - Life on Mars
David Bowie – Life on Mars

New York Dolls – Lookin’ for a Kiss

Kiss – Detroit Rock City

Adam and the Ants – Stand & Deliver

Misfits – Helena

Marilyn Manson – Dope Show

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

Gwar – Schools Out

Insane Clown Posse – Let’s Go All the Way

6 Responses to “Face Painters”

  • I freaking love the Ants, always have, always will. Gwen Stefani’s new cover of Stand and Deliver is awful, and no surprise, as I always say “its the singer not the song.” I’m looking for the ellusive “Prince Charming Revue” (@ Hammersmith Palais?) on DVD if anybody has any leads…

  • How about some early TSOL?

  • Right on !
    Adam and the Ants were the shit in the 80s…. until Adam went solo and lost his edge….

    Now that stuff sounds so tame

  • Mike Ness. Especially the early NoMag shoots…

  • don’t forget about king diamond

  • Great theme for a post.

    I don’t think just heavy excessive eyeliner counts a s face painting though. You miht have to add Marilyn Manson too.

    Klaus Nomi?

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