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Doing Darby Crash Proud

Lifeblood Skateboard - We Must Bleed

Enter the circle of Lifeblood Skateboards and their latest media blitz a la: We Must Bleed. Chock full of Northwest shredding; this one is sure to get your skate blood pressure up to manimal levels. Check it out after the turn. EPM “lexicon devil” Out!

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Commonwealth Twofer

Art and Video @ Commonwealth - Fri. Nov. 4th and Sat. Nov. 5th

If you dig art and skateboarding, Commonwealth is the place to be this Friday and Saturday evening. Friday, that’s tonight, is the art opening of Endless Scummer, photography by Joe Hammeke. On Saturday, that’s tomorrow night, Lifeblood Skateboards brings the weekend to a crescendo with the premier of their latest skate video, We Must Bleed. Get all the details on the fliers along with some bonus video after the turn. EPM “bleeding art” Out!

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Burnside Showdown Weekend

Showdown on Sacred Ground @ Burnside July 2nd & 3rd, 2011

Skate, party and work. What more do you want? You can have it all, this weekend during the Showdown on Sacred Ground at Burnside. Saturday is all about skating and a fund raising party for the park. Sunday is all about “hair of the dog” and working on the park. Get all the details on the fliers after the turn. EPM “Skate Army Salute” Out!

Q-Man Photo: Credit – Dave Hupp

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Ashley Anson + Commonwealth Skateboarding

Ashley Anson Art Show @ Commonwealth Skateboarding, June 3, 2011

Stoke! Ashley Anson has an art show tonight, June 3rd, at Commonwealth Skateboarding. Come show off your new found tan lines about the bowl (it’s sunny out today), while enjoying some of Ashley’s latest creations. All the fun begins at 6pm, see you there. Flier after the turn.

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Comrades in Art

Molly, Jon and more... Art Show @ Powell's, June 2-July 3, 2011

Well, while your busy building that ark to deal with the current Spring deluge, you might want to take a break and enjoy some artful distractions. Our recommendation, the opening reception of “We’re All Friends Here … Right?” at Powell’s from 6-9pm tomorrow evening, Thursday, June 2nd. Get all the details on the flier after the turn.

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Lifeblood Ambassador – Scott Koerner

Scott Koerner - Lifeblood Skateboards Ambassador on Earth Patrol

You’ve heard of a fair-weather friend but how about a friend who found fair weather? Well, that’s what happens when you relocate from the Northwest, epicenter of liquid sunshine, to Southern California, epicenter of just plain old sunshine. Case in point, Scott Koerner taking advantage of his new found fair weather situation and a skate ambassadorship with Lifeblood Skateboards. Ahhh, living the dream. Check out Scott’s solar saturated shredding adventure after the turn. EPM “watching the rain fall” Out!

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Weekend Skate Socials

Mother's Day Weekend Skate Socials

Calling all skate social butterflies, prepare to flap your wings. There’s a whole bunch of skate events going down this weekend and kicking everything off is this evening’s art show at Commonwealth Skateboarding. Get all the details by clicking the links below. EPM “future cone dodger” Out!

Friday – May 6th

Saturday – May 7th

Sunday – May 8th

Al and Chet’s Big Adventure

Al and Chet hit the tracks - Straight Trippin' Courtesy of; photo: Bryce Kanights

I know you are but what am I? Wait, that’s a different “big adventure.” This big adventure is a pilot for a reality show titled “Straight Trippin'” that features, local shredders Al Partanen and Chet Childress. The premise: hitch hike about the country meeting interesting folks and skateboarding. Sounds good to us. Want to know more? Check it out out over on, your skate industry lifeline. EPM “we’re just trippin'” Out!

Photo Credit: Bryce Kanights

The Day the World Lost Some Day-Glo

R.I.P. Poly Styrene

A bit of sad news folks to report out of the U.K. Poly Styrene, former lead singer of the seminal punk band X-Ray Spex has passed. Yes, the world has lost some of it’s day-glo. As a tribute, check out some X-Ray Spex videos featuring Poly after the turn. EPM “Germ Free Adolescents” Out!

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Family Skate Fair

Family Skate Fair, a benefit for Above Coping @ Ripzu - April 22, 2010

Grab the family and head out to Ripzu for tonight’s Family Skate Fair, a benefit for Above Coping. In addition to skating, there are prizes, raffles, art projects and more. All the fun begins at 7pm so don’t be late. Details on the flier after the turn. EPM “it’s sure to be a ripping zoo” Out!

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