Ashley Anson + Commonwealth Skateboarding

Ashley Anson Art Show @ Commonwealth Skateboarding, June 3, 2011

Stoke! Ashley Anson has an art show tonight, June 3rd, at Commonwealth Skateboarding. Come show off your new found tan lines about the bowl (it’s sunny out today), while enjoying some of Ashley’s latest creations. All the fun begins at 6pm, see you there. Flier after the turn.

Ashley Anson Art Show @ Commonwealth Skateboarding, June 3, 2011

Click on the flier for a larger view.

3 Responses to “Ashley Anson + Commonwealth Skateboarding”

  • its sunny…ride free.. stay outdoors. fuck art.

  • Ridefreeforlife,

    You’re an idiot, you should either stop breathing or put yourself down like a sick puppy. Last time I checked outdoor skateparks are paided for with our taxes dollars moron. Given skating street is free, but I’m sure you’re way to old to land a kickflip or to Ollie up a curb.

  • workingclassforlife

    lots of skaters don’t have jobs or pay taxes. lots of em have wealthy parents, are lazy white trash or sell weed. What does his ability for doin a kickflip have anything to do with it? You are probably 24 and have the world by the balls. If you’re not a fat drunk, strung-out, or in jail in 20 years..GO SKATE.

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