Al and Chet’s Big Adventure

Al and Chet hit the tracks - Straight Trippin' Courtesy of; photo: Bryce Kanights

I know you are but what am I? Wait, that’s a different “big adventure.” This big adventure is a pilot for a reality show titled “Straight Trippin'” that features, local shredders Al Partanen and Chet Childress. The premise: hitch hike about the country meeting interesting folks and skateboarding. Sounds good to us. Want to know more? Check it out out over on, your skate industry lifeline. EPM “we’re just trippin'” Out!

Photo Credit: Bryce Kanights

5 Responses to “Al and Chet’s Big Adventure”

  • skateboarding is done.

    they should show the “behind the scenes” where NIKE puts them up in 5 star hotels…..

    • ha, I was thinking the same thing, they’re prob eating sushi and getting pedicures and shit.

  • this is so phoney…and I already did this, it was called “my 20’s”….

  • TheSkateIndustryBlowsGoats

    I wish I didn’t know who these people are… Celebritys who play like poor people gargle emo vomit.

  • Hope they make it a show, looks like a lot of fun. I can’t believe they got picked up by Larry and his Flask, then again it makes perfect sense.

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