Yelle and Eagles of Death Metal

It’s time, once again, for YouTube Tuesday featuring two bands that are playing shows in our fine city this week. Tomorrow night, Oct. 29th, you can check out Yelle at Berbati’s and on Friday night, Oct. 31st, Eagles of Death Metal at the Wonder Ballroom. Check out all the videos after the turn.

Eagles of Death Metal – Speaking in Tongues

Eagles of Death Metal – I Want You So Hard

Eagles of Death Metal – Wanna Be in LA

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir

Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons

Yelle – Ce Jeu

3 Responses to “YELLE & EODM”

  • Misfits – Beware! 12″

    Rich, I love this site but skaters and punks aren’t responding to these bands that you have posted here.

    Alternatively, every October I load the Misfits Beware 12″ into my itunes. This is my favorite Misfits release, with the Halloween 7″ coming in a close second. I first heard this album in 1983 and I jammed it in my bedroom everyday after school all during the Fall. I had just quit the golf team to be in a band.

    There were only about 3,000 copies of Beware! pressed in the UK in 1980 and it was the record that set the bar for outrageously collectible/expensive Misfits records in the early ’80’s. Mine was on lone from the Legendary Chopper Stepe and I recall that he was very uneasy the whole time I possessed it.

    This record does not get old! And I do get sick of records let me tell ‘ya. I don’t play the Descendents or even the Ramones any more- but this record still stimultes my imagination every time I play it. It reminds me of autumn, do-wop and primitive 50’s rock-n-roll, making my own clothes, and my old friend Doug Chasteen.

    We Are 138/Bullet/Hollywood Babylon/Attitude/Horror Business/Teenagers From Mars/Last Caress

    Anyone: e-mail me and I will send you the mp3’s in time for Halloween!

  • Brad – You skate punk, you. 🙂

  • Don’t listen to him Rich! Cover what you want. Besides, hasn’t Brad been working on his own forthcoming music podcast for a year now? When is that launch coming?

    I think you could be on to something if you consistently covered live music in Portland. If nothing else, you could probably start getting into shows for free.

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