Saturday Sessions with Swami

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 34 - Mike Swim

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mike Swim, wants you to come skate some vert at Pier Park. Consider this your standing open invitation to come skate with the Swami each and every Saturday from 5 pm to dusk. Mike is tuning up his vert skills, case in point, this Fourth of July weekend appropriate indy air. Check out more pics of Mike going off at Pier after the turn.

Congratulations Mike!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Mike Swim - Stalefish @ Pier Park

Stalefish in the square

Mike Swim - FS Nose-grab Grind @ Pier Park

Grinding and grabbing

Mike Swim - Indy Air Square @ Pier Park

Indy air

Mike Swim - FS Air @ Pier Park

Frontside air in the abyss

Mike Swim - Indy Air @ Pier Park

Full frame of cover shot

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