Hefty Grind

Shreddi Repas - FS 50-50 @ 1979 Dog Bowl Pro; photo: Glen E. Friedman

Talk about your brand dilution. We’re not talking about Alva Skates, Gyro Wheels, Skull Skates, Powerflex wheels or any of the other skate brands represented in this Glen E. Friedman photo, or even the Nike shoes. What are we talking about? Get the answer after the turn.

We’re talking about the bunny socks sported by none other than Shreddi Repas mid frontside 50-50 (a.k.a. standup grind) during the 1979 Dog Bowl Pro at Marina Del Rey. Considered risque back in the day, those Playboy Bunny logo socks probably raised a few eyebrows. Fast-forward to today, and all the internet accessible Playboy-like material, and that logo has become just a cute pair of bunny socks. You can check out the full sequence of Shreddi, the originator of the frontside 50-50, in Glen E. Friedman’s book Fuck You Too.

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Shreddi Repas - FS 50-50 @ 1979 Dog Bowl Pro; photo: Glen E. Friedman

Shreddi Repas – Frontside 50-50 @ 1979 Dog Bowl Pro; photo: Glen E. Friedman

7 Responses to “Hefty Grind”

  • Those Tracker Trucks with the magnesium baseplates were pretty cutting edge in 79.

  • How about the Pizza Deck he’s rockin’? Gnar……

  • Rumor — Shreddi is still shredding up socal — and still fashion forward!!

  • I remember when a kid showed up at my grade school with a bunny earring, circa 1980. “What does that guy’s mom think!?”

  • I remember going to this contest and watching all the Pro’s rip up the Dog Bowl. I skated a lot with Shreddi during the 70’s/80’s and he was a personal favorite to hang with at Skatercross.

    Shreddi had the best stylin’ grinds ever…..I still remember one of your longest grinds at Skatercross after they closed in the blue pool. You must have stood on that grind over 20′ plus ! I wish I would have caught that on video.


  • I love this photo of shreddi.
    Watching him skate was always

  • I love your bunny socks, Shreddi. XO

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