Terror in Tahoe 1985

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate - Terror in Tahoe 1985

Last week it was rage, this week it’s terror. More specifically, Terror in Tahoe on this week’s Yuri’s 80’s Re-Vert Fantasy Skate. Check out all the terrifying skating, circa 1985, in the tranquility of Lake Tahoe after the turn. You know the routine. EPM “that guy in the beard looks familiar” Out!

Part 1 – Pro Qualifier

Part 2 – Pro Qualifier

Part 3 – Pro Jam

Part 4 – Pro Jam

Part 5 – Pro Jam

Part 6 – Pro Jam

Pro Results

  1. Lance Mountain
  2. Tony Hawk
  3. Alan Losi
  4. Chris Miller
  5. Mark Rogowski
  6. Ken Parks
  7. Lester Kasai
  8. John Lucero

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate

Now that you’ve seen it, how would you rank your top 5 along with your pick for best trick? Yuri wants to know.

6 Responses to “Terror in Tahoe 1985”

  • The Judges are close. Hawk should have won. But I am glad mountain took it.
    1- Hawk
    2- Mountain
    3- Losi
    4- Gator
    5- Miller
    6- k Park
    7- Lester
    8- Lucero
    Best Trick: Losi ollie to fakie off the coping.

  • The most out of hand contest ever! The local 7-11 store was bombarded with kids running off with 12 packs of beer. After the contest was over a “huge crowd” rushed on to the ramp for the sticker toss. Some decks were thrown out, as well as a dead cat. Some people mistook the dead cat as some kind of merchandise, and they were diving over each other to get it. This cat toss continued fo a while until people finally realized what it was that was being thrown around. It was definitely the terror in Tahoe that weekend.

  • I was particularly impressed by Losi in this contest.

  • Yes! Someone told me chicks dig beards?

  • Katen, I remember thinking you were hella old then, especially with the beard. You were like what? 26?

  • A friend and I were on the way to the contest and we see this guy walking on the road, miles from the ramp. We look back and it’s Lance Mountain. No board, just scuffin’ along in the dirt, we pick him up and he wins. Wierd.

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