A.T.M. Skate Action

Ashland, Talent and Medford Skateparks

With Matt’s and Grants Pass in the bag and about eight more hours of daylight, we decided to hit-up skateparks in Ashland, Talent and Medford. Built at the turn of this century, these parks were fun to ride but are showing some wear. A large chunk of the current crop of Oregon skate talent got their start in these parks. Check out MC, Shawn, Kane, Gabe and Tyler as they sesh it up after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.


MC - Blogging @ Ashland

MC feeding Antigrav Remote

Kane - Air to Jersey @ Ashland

Kane taking it from the bowl to jersey

Coping @ Ashland

Ashland is in need of some new coping

Shawn - Frigid Air @ Ashland

Shawn putting the chill on

MC - FS Air @ Ashland

MC in full coping avoidance mode

Grafitti Bowl @ Ashland

Bowl of Art

Shawn - Bowl Transfer @ Ashland

Shawn being eyed by a frog

Kane - Air over Pyramid @ Ashland

Kane airs the pyramid

Stereo Camera Head Art @ Ashland

Stereo camera head dudes keeping an eye on the action


Deep Bowl @ Talent

Looking across the park

Skate Art @ Talent

Art vortex to space

Shawn - Hip Air @ Talent

Shawn finds the sweet spot over the hip

MC - Andrecht @ Talent

MC warming up

Shawn - Method @ Talent

Shawn floating on light

MC, Shawn and Art @ Talent

What do you see?

Skate Memorial @ Talent

Hopefully there’s some round wall there as well.


Bench and Tree @ Medford

Entering the park

MC, Shawn - Skate Benches @ Medford

Pre-skate dork session

MC - Cinderblocks @ Medford

MC magnetically drawn to the cinderblock wall

Tyler - FS Smith @ Medford

Tyler’s smith capturing the last rays of the day

Shawn - FS Air Corner @ Medford

If it’s not a hip, it’s a corner for Shawn

MC - Andrecht in Corner @ Medford

MC snuggling up with corner as well

Gabe - Rock to Fakie @ Medford

Gabe rockin’ to fakie

Tyler - FS Grind to Fakie @ Medford

Tyler in perfect form for grind to fakie

MC - FS Air @ Medford

MC sailing into the sunset

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