Back and Forth Again

Sorcery Saturday on Earth Patrol - Volume 2

The setting: Federal Way skate park. The crew: Sorcery 118. Cue music: Jay Reatard’s See Saw. Now set back and enjoy this week’s Sorcery Saturday pick after the turn. EPM “blood visions” Out!

Sorcery Saturday: Volume 2 – Federal Way

This video brought to you by the Sorcery 118 crew. Be sure to check out their other skate video creations over on their punk rock skate vlog.

5 Responses to “Back and Forth Again”

  • Somewhere, Neil Blender is smiling.

  • Why can’t oregoon skaters like punk instead of metal?

  • wow! is skateboarding fun again? RAD shit.

  • this is tricky, Slip it In is my favorite album right now…I think I hate metal fans more than I hate metal, same with the Beatles- I like some of the songs, but I can’t stand the people that are “into” them (like Gretchin said..)…I’m a hater, but a lover. I love Discharge singles. It all goes back to the very early 80’s for me, anyone into the metal scene on the Sunset Strip instead of hardcore/punk was a tool with poor taste…why wasn’t Nikki Sixx into the punk scene, he was right there?? Where’s my prozac?

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