A Day in the Life….

Owen Nieder @ Pier Park

Each year about this time, Portland becomes the epicenter of planetary skateboarding activity. The attraction is anchored around the annual Oregon Trifecta followed by the Dew Tour, not to mention all the great skateparks and a city that embraces skateboarding. That brings us to Owen Nieder, a skater that takes full advantage of the skate surroundings while visiting our fine city. One of his favorite spots to skate is Pier Park. Check out Owen sampling one of Portland’s skatepark gems after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Owen Nieder - Tail Block Hip @ Pier Park

Tail block on the hip

Owen Nieder - FS Air @ Pier Park

Frontside air on the face wall of the square bowl

Owen Nieder - Invert @ Pier Park

Invert, Owen style

Owen Nieder - Tail Block Hip @ Pier Park

Another angle of the tail block on the hip

Owen Nieder - Invert @ Pier Park

Slightly obscured by the pipe, Owen stands-up an invert

Owen and Andy @ Pier Park

Andy and Owen plotting their lines

Also, check out Owen’s website devoted to the Del Mar Skate Ranch. If you were there, you know. If not, well consider it a history lesson.

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