Early 70’s Metal and More

70's Metal on Earth Patrol

So your digging through the closet and find your collection of early 70’s vinyl. So what bands do you find in the mix? Well, if it were my collection, the bands on this week’s YouTube Tuesday are in the stack. Check out all the stringy straight hair rock-n-roll after the turn.

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Focus – Hocus Pocus

Deep Purple – Highway Star

Edgar Winter – Frankenstein

Blue Oyster Cult – ME-262

Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

David Bowie – Space Oddity

2 Responses to “Early 70’s Metal and More”

  • I really enjoyed a documentary called It Might Get Loud which you can watch on instant play if you subscribe to Netflix. It features Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White talking about guitar playing, reminiscing and jamming. A few scenes are available on you tube.

  • Focus Rules!
    I’ve heard that song for years and never new what a madman that keyboard player was.

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