Two Dudes, a Dog and a Bowl

Qbert Bowl

The Qbert bowl has been decommissioned, so without further delay, here’s a little memorial to our square blue friend. No more free passes, dog dodging in the shallow or bouts of hay fever from the grass field. Hopefully someone grabbed some of that sweet Qbert tile and some chunks of the faceted coping before it met its demise. You know the drill, gallery and photos after the turn.



Click on an image for a larger view.

Sliding door view @ Qbert Bowl

Outside looking in

MC - FS Grind @ Qbert Bowl

Difficulty Rating: 9.0

Randy - BS in Corner @ Qbert Bowl

Randy had the corner line dialed

Pooch guarding the shallow

Death Box Jesus @ Qbert Bowl

Death Box Jesus

Randy on toy @ Qbert Bowl

Does this look familiar? Randy heading for the deep.

See all the photos from this session in the gallery.

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