Greek Grinder Hold the Feta

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 30 - Melissa Dafnos

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Melissa Dafnos, has an appetite for deep grinding action. Case in point, here’s Melissa adding a bit more wear to the already well worn coping in the deep at West Linn. Check out a few more pics of Melissa getting down with the coping along with her Callin’ on Colin interview after the turn.

Congratulations Melissa!

Click on an image for larger view.

Melissa Dafnos - FS Pocket Grind @ West Linn

Concrete surround in the pocket

Melissa Dafnos - Bean to Tail @ West Linn

Bean to to tail

Melissa Dafnos - FS Grinding @ West Linn

Committed to the grind

Melissa Dafnos - FS Grind @ West Linn

Full frame of the cover shot

Callin’ on Colin Inteview: Melissa gives you the low down on skating Vagabond sans clothing and much more….

Callin on ColinMelissa Dafnos Interview - Callin' on Colin

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