Coping Certified

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 49 - Tim Dorfus

There are a few people that can certify coping as well as this week’s Monday Cover skater, Tim Dorfus. What do we mean by certify? Well, it’s the ability to grind, slide, and in general, shred every last inch of coping during a session. That’s exactly what Tim does. Check out more of Tim’s certification techniques after the turn.

Congratulations Tim!

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Tim Dorfus - BS Grind Deathbox @ MC's Bowl

Over the deathbox

Tim Dorfus - FS Rollin Deep @ MC's Bowl

Rolling the deep

Tim Dorfus - FS 5-0 Hip @ MC's Bowl

Full frame of the cover shot

13 Responses to “Coping Certified”

  • where are the helmets?

  • I will not wear a helmet there again the scret is out mate!

  • yo, i really really like Tims helmet. can i borrow the same one when i come? maybe he has a same size as i do. that would be so groovy… oooh.

  • That was one-time-only no-helmet-day for skaters from the southern hemisphere and guys who did the concrete finishing on the bowl, they had a coupon!

    I know you guys are kidding but It’s a real burden having to ask everyone who visits to wear a helmet. I will try to remember to specify helmets every time someone calls me to ask about skating the bowl. It would be easier just to be less hospitable. I suppose I could put up a sign but I bet I would still have to ask.

    Sorry, helmets are still required for the sake of domestic tranquility and my peace of mind. If you must skate without a helmet, I can recommend several very fine local skateboarding facilities where you can enjoy the wind in your hair and an uncrushed coiffure. If you forgot your helmet, I can provide one.

  • Those comments remind me of Estes commentary on the webcast of my finals runs at the Trifecta minus one this year. Nothing about the skating, it was all about how it was supposed to be Buck Smith skating.

    Dorfus was ripping. Why isn’t anyone congratulating him on his Earth Patrol Media Monday Cover?

  • congrats to Dorfus, i dont know him but have seen him skate and the dude rips. i just noticed the lights, looks like night sessions are on. I’ll be up there as soon as i’m healthy and can skate again, i havent ridden since august.

  • Why is it that dudes with full beards rip so hard? I’m gonna start one now, so watch out.

  • Sweet shots, regardless of protective gear!

  • I like to wear my helmet when I shower.

  • I think I will grow another beard and never do another 50-50 grind again only 50s. Sick pick!!!

  • i really want to skate this am i invited sometime?

  • People ought to know about your helmet rule MC. Hell, I’m thousands of miles away and I know about it…

    Congrats on the Monday cover… too bad about the MC enema though. Ouch! Remind me not to borrow HIS lid. (Can’t believe no one else has mentioned that.)

  • Actually that’s a Kilwag enema in an MC shirt. 🙂

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