Editors and British Sea Power

The Editors and British Sea Power on Earth Patrol

The rains have rolled back in for a day or two providing us with the perfect opportunity to present some weather appropriate tunes featuring the Editors and British Sea Power. Emoting Ian Curtis vocal stylings, a la Joy Division, the Editors will give your introspective side a boost. Add to that a bit of British Sea Power and you’re set for a rainy day romp about your inner environs. Check out all the mood setting tunes after the turn.

The Editors – Munich

The Editors – Papillon

The Editors – Bones

The Editors – Bullets

The Editors – All Sparks

British Sea Power – Remember Me

British Sea Power – Please Stand Up

British Sea Power – No Lucifer

British Sea Power – Favours in the Beetroot Field

British Sea Power – Victorian Ice

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