In a Tight Spot

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 24 - Marek Litinsky

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Marek Litinsky, finds a line through the shallow corner at the now defunct Bamboo bowl. Many thanks to the owners for the opportunity to skate and enjoy such a unique spot. Check out more pics of Marek getting his mid-century shred on after the turn.

Congratulations Marek!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Marek Litinsky - FS Ollie @ Bamboo Bowl

Frontside ollie onto extension

Marek Litinsky - RnR over Light @ Bamboo Bowl

Rock-n-roll over light

Marek Litinsky - BS Grind @ Bamboo Bowl

Grinding over the light

Marek Litinsky - BS Shallow Pocket @ Bamboo Bowl

Backside through the shallow pocket

Marek Litinsky - FS Ollie to Wood Extension @ Bamboo Bowl

Ollie from the side wall to the wood extension

Marek Litinsky - BS Grind over Light @ Bamboo Bowl

Another grind over the light

Marek Litinsky - FS Smith Attempt @ Bamboo Bowl

If only this could have been a make, look at that style

Marek Litinsky - BS over the Light @ Bamboo Bowl

Over the light

Marek Litinsky - BS Corner Carve @ Bamboo Bowl

Full frame of cover shot

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