Ian MacKaye on Generation X

Ian MacKaye on Generation X Punk Rock Radio

Minor Threat/Fugazi fans, don’t miss it. This week’s guest on Randy Katen’s punk rock radio show, Generation X, is Ian MacKaye, founder of Dischord Records and driving force in the bands Minor Threat and Fugazi. Be sure to tune in today from 5-7 pm PST on KBGA. EPM “I’m seeing red” Out!

Listen to Generation X on KBGA, 5-7pm PST

Update: Check out a podcast of Randy’s interview with Ian after the turn.

Ian MacKaye Interview - Generation X

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  • I think Ian loved Empire, what about Empire “Expensive Sounds”? Is anybody down with this great band?

  • Love Empire with Bob Andrews of Generation X,,,That Interview will up soon also …cheers

  • Nice! I heard “Parkinson Cowin” was a type of English mini stove…maybe you could ask him if its true? Brad out.

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