Big Black & Pailhead

YouTube Tuesday - Big Black and Pailhead

We thought you might like something with a little edge. On this week’s YouTube Tuesday, we offer up some Big Black and some Pailhead for your listening pleasure. Are you familiar with the names Steve Albini and Ian MacKaye? If not, google the heck out of their names and get yourself in the know. YouTube it up after the turn…. EPM Out!

Big Black – Kerosene

Big Black – Bad Penny

Big Black – Fish Fry

Big Black – Jordan, Minnesota

Pailhead – No Bunny

Pailhead – I Will Refuse

Pailhead – Don’t Stand in Line

Pailhead – Ballad

Pailhead – Anthem

2 Responses to “Big Black & Pailhead”

  • Yeah Big Black!!!! bring on the firecrackers!

    Roland is such a good drummer, he’s like a machine.

  • They played in an old church in Urbana Illinois when I was there at school the first time. When Steve lit off the long string of fireworks at the beginning of the show it must have tripped an alarm because the fire department showed up. Good times.

    The Jerry Lee Lewis comment is ripped off from the Didjits song Jerry Lee…

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