Sparklehorse on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

The good news. Sparklehorse makes some great music and are the featured artist on this week’s YouTube Tuesday. The bad news. Well, it seems frontman, Mark Linkous, has taken his life and with it all that great creative energy. RIP Mark and thanks for sharing your music. Check out all that is Sparklehorse after the turn.

Sparklehorse – Pig

Sparklehorse – Sick of Goodbyes

Sparklehorse – Someday I Will Treat You Good

Sparklehorse – Dog Door

Sparklehorse – Hammering the Cramps

Sparklehorse – Comfort Me

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  • This was, in fact, 1987; I was still in High School, Bike Factory was still around, Terror in Tahoe and Mt. Trashmore contests were in the same era. The other factor is that there was a abandoned pool in downtown Renton, WA that Hosoi rolled in on that was a bust by 1988 and turned into a new Safeway not long after that.

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