Floater in Pipe

Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 17 - Thomas Carter

Uhhh? Yeah, he made it. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Thomas Carter, makes this toe touch ollie over the door at Pier Park. Check out some more pics of Thomas shredding up the pipe’s inner sanctum after the turn.

Congratulations Thomas!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Thomas Carter - BS Ollie Door @ Pier Park

Another angle of Thomas floating a backside ollie over the door

Thomas Carter - 5-0 into Corner @ Pier Park

Taking it hard and fast into the corner

Thomas Carter - BS in Pipe @ Pier Park

Style in the pipe

Thomas Carter - BS Air Door @ Pier Park

Backside air over the door

Thomas Carter - BS Power Slide Pipe @ Pier

Power sliding the pipe

Thomas Carter - 5-0 @ Pier Park

Thomas has it on lock

Thomas Carter - BS Toe Floater Ollie @ Pier Park

Full frame of the cover shot

Bonus Video: Pier Park courtesy of KC

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