Warm and Fuzzy

Anti-Nowhere League, The Exploited, Crass and GBH on Earth Patrol YouTube Tuesday

Well, this week’s YouTube Tuesday picks are about as far from warm and fuzzy as you can get. The place: United Kingdom, the time: early 1980’s and the bands: Anti-Nowhere League, The Exploited, Crass and GBH. Get your angst on after the turn as well as a bit of a crass education. EPM “system might have got you but it won’t get me” Out!

Anti Nowhere League – So What

Anti Nowhere League – I Hate People

The Exploited – Fuck the USA

The Exploited – Let’s Start a War

Crass – Punk is Dead

Crass – Big A Little A

Crass – A Documentary

GBH – Generals

GBH – Self Destruct

GBH – Sick Boy

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